Nu Waves Pool Services

The NU standard in pool service excellence!

  • Equipment Repair - We offer a full line of repair services from leaking pool pumps and full replacement to diagnosing various issues.
  • Green pool clean up- Arizona brings high summer temperatures that are usually accompanied by the unfortunate algae growth . Let us whip that pool back in shape !
  • Pool water dump and fill - Most pools under proper care and chemical balance require a pool water dump every 2-4 years .

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Cleaning Services Offered-Each service offered is based on a 1 visit per week for pool cleaning. We also offer a variation of 2 visits per week, 2 visits per month or whatever your service needs may be !

  • Chemical only-Includes Chlorine , shock , acid , soda ash as well as any others needed.
  • Basic Service - Includes all chemicals as well as brushing , skimming and scooping all debris .Skimmer basket , pump basket and leaf catcher cleanse .Filter cleanse where applicable - Sand filter backwash weekly , DE filter backwash and recharge , 2 cartridge filter cleanings per year
  • Full Service -Basic service plus the addition of vacuum service every visit

Tucson, AZ 85740, USA